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Will not brush your teeth will lose your life? Scared the baby to learn to brush teeth again


Brushing is a thing for everyone. Every day, getting up and brushing a few times before going to bed has become a common practice as washing your face. However, a U.S. study showed that not brushing teeth may reduce the 13- year lifespan because of serious teeth. Plaque and oral bacterial problems increase the risk of cancer death by 80% ! I usually change, I will roll their eyes and silently these brick house, "the X mental retardation", but now as a dental patients received root canal treatment, the baby no longer dare to ignore these so-called "rumors" had to Examine your own brushing habits.

Life that will not brush your teeth for more than 20 years

In the past without the experience of toothache in life, I did not think I had problems with brushing my teeth. Then the retribution came this year. I will always remember that the cutting needle poked in the teeth and poked him into the right brain, and he lost consciousness. I instantly turned into a TV drama actor who was weak and hypocritical and said, "The doctor will poke you and I will die." . No way, Meng Meng's intern mistakenly thought that my tooth was dead, so I didn't get anesthetic. Before I didn't tell him, he didn't tell me what he was doing and didn't say something to soothe me. So there was no direct communication. The hands-on approach caused me to have a terrible panic on the dental clinic so that when I later changed the dressing, I could not wait to sleep on the couch. Fortunately, the treatment was relatively successful without the need for tooth extraction. After finishing the small dentist, I sent an electric toothbrush to me and said "I hope you no longer need to find another dentist." Keke, I was only touched and thought about why. Later, when I responded, people didn't suggest that I didn't brush my teeth cleanly, and sent me a toothbrush to brush off my teeth...

Therefore, having a toothache to find a dentist is nothing more than paying attention to oral hygiene, that is, not brushing your teeth clean. The gift I sent to me was misunderstood as a must-have for a lazy person. If you stretch your hands, you don`t need to move on to the essence of an electric toothbrush. After a real experience, you finally understand the intentions of a small dentist.

The benefits of electric toothbrushes

1. Time control, no longer brush your teeth

All electric toothbrushes will have a time setting of about 2 minutes. This seemingly simple setting is exactly what we need most practically. In everyday brushing, anyway, I'm not in a daze or in a daze. We certainly don't even know how long we've brushed. Sometimes we even have to hurry and just sip it, and the regular function can remind you by pausing and stopping. Accurately complete 2 minutes of effective cleaning.

2. Easier to remove plaque than traditional brushing

I can't personally do experimental arguments on this point, but when dentists all over the world tell you that electric toothbrushes are easier to clean, I believe everything. Not to mention that a vibrating toothbrush is really a bit more difficult than we usually get stuck in brushing our teeth. Good advantage.

3. Comfort feels like MASSAGE doing teeth

The conventional electric toothbrush will be divided into several different gears, such as clean (normal mode), whitening, and massage. Incorrect brushing methods often make the gums suffer, but the slight vibration generated by the high-speed rotation of the electric toothbrush not only promotes oral blood circulation, but also has a very comfortable massage effect. As for how comfortable it is, when you become an old driver, Can understand.

Of course, apart from the obvious three benefits of oranges, there are also advantages such as time and effort.

How to use electric toothbrush

The old driver can bypass from now on, and the new driver, oh no, novices can look at my heart-history of using this electric toothbrush.

First of all, I must definitely learn to use the handsome guy to send me something! But this kind of vibration is even something that is stuffed into my mouth...who used to be very panic for the first time, I struggled for the first time, gave up in five seconds, and for a second I thought I would die. . At that time, the teeth did not last long and I felt my teeth were lost. After a week and then try again, persisted in the feeling of fast concussion persisted for 30seconds, give up again, but also shame to think, the small dentist is not deliberately to me? Until I saw the news that I wouldn't brush my teeth to lose my life, I finally regained my electric toothbrush and I had to learn how to die. I finally became the "old driver" who is now used to electric toothbrushes.

So how to use? Need to see the following points:

1 : Don't be afraid to die in shock and bravely

All people are in fear when they come in contact with new things. Especially if the teeth have already experienced problems, they are afraid of the vibrations and want the "life" of the teeth. Facts have proved that as long as you are not in the period of oral sensitivity and overcome the discomfort experienced in the first few previous experiences, you will not think that the electric toothbrush is a tool that will scare you at the end, but hope that it will be as good as possible and cough. (Using a power toothbrush is a little gentler than brushing your teeth, not too hard.)

2. Soak the brush head with warm water and install it on the toothbrush shaft

The toothbrush and toothbrush shaft will have a slight gap, which is a small space reserved for vibration, and warm water immersion can make the bristles soft.

3. Squeeze toothpaste before power is turned on

Squeeze the toothpaste vertically into the bristles and squeeze into the correct amount of toothpaste. It must be squeezed before the power is turned on. Otherwise your clothes will become beautiful.

4. Correct brushing posture

In simple terms, teeth are divided into four areas. The upper and lower rows of teeth were divided into two sides. Each area was brushed for 30 seconds in accordance with the three sides of one tooth . If you don't brush your teeth, watch the video.

In short, the electric toothbrush will definitely allow you to develop the habit of brushing for two minutes.

5. Clean electric toothbrush

Although all electric toothbrushes can be washed, there is a unique cleaning technique when cleaning electric toothbrushes. Dipping the used toothbrush into water and turning on the switch naturally shakes away any remaining toothpaste.

In fact, I don't know how many people in my life like me once. I always thought that I had brushed my teeth and cleaned it. For dental plaque and calculus, I was too ignorant to be too lazy to manage it. There are probably a lot of people who are used to sensationalism. Yellow teeth become worse. But as long as you start to hurt, all the fluke can't be hidden. The pain caused by teeth will never be lighter than the pain in other parts of the body. So before you hurt, look at your brushing habits, and then go to see a dentist regularly. Maybe you can meet a buddy too. A good dentist who also gave you a toothbrush ~ Keke.

Finally, for good health, brush your teeth!

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